The amount of data we are currently encountering has also generated a number of tools with which we try to process, interpret and understand this data.

  • geoserverGeoServer – Basic tool for storing, sharing and rendering spatial data in the form of services (WMS, WMTS, WFS, CSW services) to which you can connect and consume the provided data. The services provided are standardized according to OGC standards.
  • map browserMapfishapp – Online map browser for viewing and analyzing spatial data. It allows you to add data from the PSK Data Catalog, lay the individual data on top of one another, measure, compare, etc.
  • thematic maps and dashboardsWebmap applications and dashboards – The amount of data also gives us a number of views of how we can look at it. Thematic webmap applications and dashboards capture specific insights into the issue. Each webmap thematic application is based on resources from the PSK Data Catalog and seeks to provide a more comprehensive view of a specific issue.

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