Our platform

“New Oil” or “Data Over Gold”. Even such terms currently define the advantage and need of having quality data in both the private and public spheres, where without sufficient knowledge of the region (city, country) it is not possible to make quality decisions for a quality life.

Our / your platform

Therefore, a team of dedicated people has been building a geoportal at the Prešov Self-Governing Office for more than a year, where we welcome you. The Geoportal serves as a platform for integrating, storing and publishing map viewable data (spatial information). The platform’s target groups are:

  • the public – for the transparent provision of broad spectrum information on the region,
  • Prešov self-governing region – for quality decision-making based on spatial information and appropriate setting of policies in several areas of life (regional development, health care, social area,…),
  • business sector – to monitor and analyze demographic and economic indicators in space and then make decisions based on this information,
  • academic sector – for studying and researching various facts and phenomena in the region, for using maps in seminar or final theses.

All the tools we use have open code – so-called Open Source.

Basic terms

Data catalog – in the catalog you will find datasets that directly affect the territory of the self-governing region. The data catalog includes the original data of the self-governing region as well as data that are collected at the national level about the region. Each dataset has its metadata (data data) describing what type of data it represents, what it represents and from what source it is used. All datasets (and metadata) can be downloaded directly from the catalog in CSV format or simply added as a layer to the map viewer.

Map Viewer – online map viewer for viewing and analyzing spatial data. It allows you to add data from the data catalog, lay the individual data on top of each other, measure, compare, etc. It is possible to download data not only in CSV or JSON format but also in other spatial data formats (GML, KML, SHAPEFILE).

Thematic maps – provide simple, fast and easy-to-understand information in the most accessible and simple form possible. By combining layers and views through the individual pointers, the thematic content can be brought closer to the user.

An important element in building the platform is “data partnerships” with local and national entities. We are therefore open to any cooperation on data exchange.

We believe that you will find a lot of interesting information on the geoportal. Every day we work to improve it and integrate new data with metadata. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at geopresovregion@vucpo.sk or leave us a message via the form. Only with good feedback can we do our job better 😊.

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